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Demian Mash's Ads
Demian MashSeller

Clickadu offer 2 traffic plans for SKIMMED traffic!

✅ Choose "Junior" only for $10 daily and get 10K impressions in Germany, India, USA, and China.

✅ An advanced “Startup” for $30 daily will provide you with 30K traffic from Turkey, France, and Canada additionally.

Hurry up to get them! For any questions contact advertisers@clickadu.com

Demian MashSeller

Howdy folks,

Looking for an endless source of 🇺🇲️ US popunder traffic? We’re glad to announce that Clickadu is launching a ‘Good Ol’ American’ traffic sale.
The good ol’ American traffic as familiar to us as a buck, an apple pie, stars&stripes, and jeans.

10Mln impressions daily of quality popunder traffic is waiting for you at the generous cost: $1,5 CPM both for mobile and desktop.

Where to get it? Right over here => https://ssp.clickadu.com/

Never heard of us? Visit our main page for more detailed info: https://www.clickadu.com/

Demian MashSeller

Why Ads looks so colorful and weird and yet so damn creative when it comes to Japanese advertising industry?

I suggest it’s creating a magical connection and awareness to the audience, but who knows for sure? Still, a PRO in the digital marketing knows how to pull all the strings.

If you’re looking for high-quality Japanese mobile traffic for your offers - we know where to get it and we can offer a fair price for you:

1mln impressions daily - $1.5 per mile

JP Android
500K impressions daily - $1.5 per mile

This traffic is running from the exclusive publisher so you need to contact us to get it.

Ping us via advertisers@clickadu.com or ssp.support@clickadu.com.

Demian MashSeller

Today is 'Get to know your customers' day. What could be better to study your customers by offering your services? We have prepared an updated Traffic Slice list with discounts on this special occasion.


VN - $0,2 - 7.1M weekly
US - $0.3 - 3.8M weekly
TW - $0.5 - 1.3M weekly
BR - $0.8 - 1.1M weekly
TH - $0.5 860K weekly


IN - $0.2 - 50.1M weekly
BR - $0.8 - 48M weekly
VN - $0.8 - 21.1M weekly
TH - $0.5 - 14.4M weekly
EG - $0.4 - 9.9M weekly


US - $0.2 - 5.3M weekly
BR - $0.8 - 3M weekly
VN - $0.2 - 1.7M weekly
TW - $0.5 - 1.5M weekly
EG - $0.4 - 750K weekly

Bids mentioned above are for CPM pricing model.
To buy traffic please contact our manager Helena:

E-mail: helena@clickadu.com
Skype: live:helena_3945

Demian MashSeller

Is there anything else Clickadu team can offer to surprise you?
What about SmartCPA is back in the Self-Serve Platform? We glad to announce that It’s back and wired for you guys to use and have a lot of traffic for you to buy.

Interested? Click here>>> http://bit.ly/2P3zCa8

Demian MashSeller


Have you had time to enjoy the Brazilian beer festival in Blumenau? We hope you are!
Nevertheless, we have some special for you: get a discount on the Brazilian traffic slices below:

BR - Android - 44M weekly - $0.8
BR - iOS - 3M weekly - $0.8

Buy some Clickadu traffic at the CPM rates above at our Self-Serve Platform => https://ssp.clickadu.com/
Or ask your manager for even bigger discounts.

Demian MashSeller

Two weeks of horror and horrifying low prices for traffic slices for you in the Self-Serve platform this Halloween.

Dear partners,

Buy some Clickadu traffic at the CPM rates below at our Self-Serve Platform >> https://ssp.clickadu.com/

Or ask your manager for even bigger discounts.

VN - $0.2 - 9.2M weekly
US - $0.2 - 5.1M weekly
TW - $0.5 - 1.2M weekly
DE - $0.8 - 1M weekly
TH - $0,5 - 650K weekly

IN - $0.2 - 87.3M weekly
BR - $0.8 - 39M weekly
ID - $0.2 - 11.6M weekly
TH - $0.5 - 9.2M weekly
TR - $0.4 - 4.6M weekly

BR - $0.8 - 3.5M weekly
VN - $0.2 - 3.1M weekly
ES - $0.5 - 2.5M weekly
TR - $0.4 - 1.1M weekly
TH - $0.5 - 1M weekly

Looking to buy traffic on Cost Per Action model? Try out our new SmartCPA feature >> https://www.clickadu.com/blog/smartisback

Demian MashBuyer

Still looking for profitable video traffic monetization? Clickadu will buy your traffic at a reasonable cost:

AT - $0.91
CH - $0.9
DE - $0.86
NO - $0.62
AU - $0.6
CA - $0.57

More sweet CPM available.
Click here to monetize: https://v2.panel.clickadu.com/
For any questions or suggestions please contact publishers@clickadu.com

Demian MashSeller

Looking for quality Video traffic? Get it at a price of a bubble gum in Clickadu.
Brazil, India, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam just for $0.1 per 1000 miles.

Interested? You can get it right here: https://ssp.clickadu.com/

Demian MashBuyer

Clickadu got a lot of High Quality popunder traffic for sale.

ID - 66+ mln impressions daily - CPM $1
IN - 82+ mln impressions daily - CPM $1

Grab it while it's hot!