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Asuna Yuuki's Ads
Asuna YuukiBuyer

Hi Unicorns,

I am looking for POP XML traffic WW. I share demand possibilities, give the highest (up to 87%) revshare and send you traffic to direct offer feeds.

New custom adserver allows to work with direct publishers at the best response time and lowest timeout sessios, enables you to SELL at better price, do not loose traffic and stop looping your queries.

Fair deal, IO, NET 30. Date to date payouts.


Asuna YuukiSeller

ADULT RTB traffic WW. Looking for only clean adult offers.

Asuna YuukiSeller

Contact us today to get first-hand traffic at a fair price.
visit or contact

Onboarding: 10 minutes

Results: in 15 minutes.

Net 30. IO. Support 24/7

Asuna YuukiBuyer

Yeesshh is a Spanish company well-known for its pop. We are POPular within direct advertisers and feed providers. We have demand. We need pop up/under traffic sources. Net 30.

Register at


Asuna YuukiSeller

If you are looking for pop up/under traffic - contact us today.

All verticals. WW. Mobile and desktop.

OS, UA, keyword, domain, time targeting.
Limits, filters, caps and more to adjust your campaigns and to get better results.

Contact for more info.

Asuna YuukiSeller

Yeesshh has exclusive mobile direct publishers USA only traffic for sale to direct advertisers only.
Delivery: XML
Price Model: CPM/CPC
Ad type: pop ads
Channel: mobile
Sources: Mobile content, apps
Min budget: $1000/week
Financial terms: Prepayment

How to apply?