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Paul M's Ads
Paul MSeller

Do not deal with
Natalia Jose , Kane wells, Naveen Baskaran.

Scammers in advertising industry.Ask me for payment proof and Skype chats from all adzsmile scammers team.

Paul MSeller
Join only if you are verified buyer or seller for transfers and inbounds (PPC). Brokers and scammers stay away as you will Interviewed publicly and references will be verified physically and with a 100% possibility of getting you sued legally. Centres and PPC generators as well kindly watch out. This is no joke and every deal will be public in group and we will make sure that no one gets scammed.Please do not try to be smart and join this group to try anything but legal lead buying. We deal only with escrow and i am sure this will take away lot's of scammers! Wish you happy searching.Brokers stay away you will be publicly humiliated.

Paul MSeller

Real time and aged Credit repair and Payday Leads.
Paid samples only. Skype - Andy.cooper3317

Paul MJob Offer

Adwords/Analytics/post backs/url tracking/lead generation.

offers - Financial

Payment terms - Pay per lead.

Skype - Andy.cooper3317

Paul MBuyer

I am interested in buying loan traffic for owned offer per lead payout weekly.
Skype - Andy.cooper3317