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Ian Leighfield's Ads
Ian LeighfieldBuyer

Our Antivirus is killing the desktop market right now on Push Traffic.

If you have spare Push inventory in any Tier 1 English speaking and EU speaking GEO's hit me up.

I must stress, i am NOT buying on a CPC, but all the main suppliers of push traffic are actually using our offer on a CPA, to monetize unsold inventory, it's that good.

No Adult/Streaming/illegal Download sources please.

Hit me up - ian.leighfield

Ian LeighfieldBuyer

Right you lovely lot, who out here is pushing software/downloads? I know there are some of you still out there...

Our Anti Virus is crushing the competition right now, and we are looking to fill a few internal gaps we have, especially on the PPC and GDN side.

We are paying Huge CPA's for good quality traffic in whatever niche.

Also looking for anyone pushing other types of software currently via any other methods that wanting to get a better payout, and a much nicer affiliate manager. :D

Anyone looking to fill unsold inventory or wanting direct/relevant ads on their sites would also benefit from this - Very high payotus, Multiple languages supported.

Direct affiliates/publishers only please - No networks to place the offer for their pubs.

Hit me up! - Skype - Ian.leighfield

Ian LeighfieldBuyer

Do you have unsold inventory, on Desktop and or Mobile? Are you looking for a worldwide offer, with a very high paying CPA?

Then we might just work for you.

Scanguard is an internationally recognized AntiVirus, and we have all the flows/pages/banners needed to simply plug our offer into your inventory, Thank You page or any other traffic source.

Microsoft Accredited software, multiple languages, all traffic welcome, and the highest CPA on the market.

Whether POP, Display, RON, we don't mind, whatever the GEO, if you want to try it, we can accommodate.

Lets connect and get started! - Ian.leighfield - Skype

Ian LeighfieldBuyer

Do you have unsold inventory? Sick of making little money from it? - Then I've got the solution for you.

Desktop and Android welcome.
Thank You Page Traffic looking for offers

I have access to some fantastic download/software offers, all clean, all paying high CPA's with no restriction on GEO/Platform or flow.

Have pages and flows for all traffic types and sources, perfect as Thank You page offers, or just looking to fill that gap in your inventory, whatever GEO or type it is.

Happy to chat to whoever, about whatever they might have.

Ian.leighfield > Skype

Ian LeighfieldBuyer

We own, and have access to some excellent Software offers, perfect for RON of Network/Thank You page, or just straight CPA traffic, with the Highest Payouts out there.

will pay high per sale amount WorldWide, Strictly CPA, Accept all traffic types, and always open to new Ideas. We have the pages and the flows, we just need your traffic!

Android available, But mainly Desktop MAc and PC traffic wanted.

If you are looking for something to offer, and have any type of traffic, we are interested.

Hit me up on skype - Ian.leighfield

Ian LeighfieldSeller

I have access to a great traffic source - 10,000 impressions a day of targetted US/UK visitors to a travel website. Plenty of AdSpace - Mobile and Desktop - 40/60 split

95% of the traffic is English speaking, looking for a site sponsorship deal, or am open to see what could be offered.

Ian.leighfield - Skype

Ian LeighfieldBuyer

Our antiVirus is Microsoft Certified, clean, and pays the highest CPL/CPA payouts for good quality traffic, we are looking for...

Android installs
Native Clicks
Display Clicks
Pop Traffic
Thank You page Traffic

Our offer is worldwide, accepts all traffic (bar Incent) and we have a landing page/flow for all traffic. This offer is also used as a RON offer within many networks, ensuring any remnant traffic is earning more than rebrokering for many big players in the market.

If you have the Quality traffic, then i want to speak to you, whatever it is.

Please add me on Skype - Ian.leighfield

Ian LeighfieldBuyer

Who out there is promoting AntiVirus or similar download products? Or looking to promote something as a MEdiabuyer or to monetise their own traffic - Thank You pages etc,,,

We have a great new offer, high paying (Biggest in industry)- Most GEO's accepted, and looking for new Mediabuyers/Promoters in all verticals. We allow POP/Display/Native/PPC - you name it, we have a flow. + If you host your own content, we can easily provide a tracking download link and full backend tracking.

Lets connect - Ian.leighfield < Skype!

Ian LeighfieldSeller

Hi Guys,

I've got a great offer, being utilised by the worlds biggest Native and Display platforms as the ultimate solution for any unsold inentory you might have.

This could be Display/Pop/Native on Desktop or Mobile (PC and MAC supported) big $$$ paid.

If you have the traffic going spare, we have a solution to work around it and to monetize it, no matter how big or small.

Strictly No Incent

Skype - Ian.leighfield