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Svetlana (Diana) Vorobiova's Ads
Svetlana (Diana) VorobiovaBuyer

Hi All!

I represent direct advertiser "Mobtika" and I'm proud to offer you our own CPA/CPL campaigns.
We are looking for both non-incentivized / incentivized traffic in CH, GR, IE, FI, ZA,

Don't hesitate to push me on skype (diana_10759) or by email (

Let's skyrocket mobile content!

Svetlana (Diana) VorobiovaBuyer

We are direct advertiser! Looking for traffic (mainly incent) for our own offers.
Skype diana_10759

Svetlana (Diana) VorobiovaBuyer

Direct advertiser. Own CPA campaigns in CH, GR, PL, FI, IE. Feel free to talk to me on skype - diana_10759

Svetlana (Diana) VorobiovaBuyer

Direct advertiser
All offers are made in house by our team

Feel free to talk to me (skype diana_10759)