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SaintGermain Onwukeme's Ads
SaintGermain OnwukemeSeller

Hello All.

With our latest integration and partnerships with key mobile apps and browsers, we'd like to offer to serious interested buyers our inventory.

We have very good inventory from mobile browsers such as Opera, UC browser etc and we'd like good safe ads without redirects or the such.

You can reach me via mail @ saint.onwukeme@dochase.com

or Skype live:germainofficial

NB: Prepayment and a real time tracking apply.

Thanks all

SaintGermain OnwukemeSeller

Good day all.

With our platform expansion to various exchanges(AppNexus, Rubicon, Google Adx etc.) and the lot we'll like to offer the best of traffic from premium exchanges as well as ours to Advertisers and Agencies interesting in getting the best value for their campaigns.

You can have a self-serve access and live reporting dashboard in addition to on-deck customer support.

Kindly mail hello@dochase.com, or skype @germainofficial'


SaintGermain OnwukemeBuyer

Hello all.

Dochase Adx is a top global ad exchange that offers direct publishers the option of monetizing their inventory with the right sources from Direct Advertisers, Agencies and the rest. No Malware, No Mal Advertising etc.

We're interested in publishers that can integrate our SDK or tags directly in which we would provide a real time dashboard and the rest available.

You can reach me on email: saint.onwukeme@dochase.com
Skype: germainofficial.

SaintGermain OnwukemeSeller

Hello All.

Dochase Adx is a direct to publisher platform which serves the best quality of traffic for advertisers. We're integrated with various exchanges and DSP's and would be willing to partner further more with appropriate platforms to achieve their campaign goals.

You can contact me via email at saint.onwukeme@dochase.com

Skype: germainofficial.

Best regards.