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Marina Lopez's Ads
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For details on todays top specific adult mobile/desktop segments (carrier etc) @ Kimia contact

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Iraq - Asiacell
Benchmark EPC: $ 12

Costa Rica - Ice
Benchmark EPC: $ 6

Germany - Vodafone
Benchmark EPC: $ 6

Austria - T-Mobile
Benchmark EPC: $ 8

Jordan - Orange
Benchmark EPC: $ 1

Lebanon - All mobile traffic
Benchmark EPC: $ 1

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We are looking for mobile traffic for Movistar and Claro in Uruguay, vertical mainstream.

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If you have adult mobile traffic in Thailand, simply_

- send me an email
- add me to skype mlopezarranz

... and lets make money!

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Join the Kimia team of ‪affiliates‬ and battle the eCPMs TODAY with these products of the revolutionary ‪‎mobile game‬ that everyone´s playing!

Signup to GO GO GO!:

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All our offers are previously benchmarked internally, before opening them to our partners.

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SPAIN - Orange/Vodafone
INDIA - Vodafone
THAILAND - Ais/Dtac/Truemove

"What does Kimia do?: we generate 100 millions clicks per day, that's 1% of the planet’s population. Every day. With these clicks, we achieve 6 millions ‪CPA‬ events per month, that's the equivalent of the trade transactions on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Every month. We handle a minimum of 60.000 users per minute, meaning, we fill the Yankee stadium every minute."

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... then contact Kimia! We bring the heat with our top eCPMs, 100% fill rate and exclusive offers.

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Even though we have had a week of celebration: anniversary of 10 years in ‪mobile marketing‬, Top ‪Mobile‬ Ad Network @ Mobyaffiliates , launching of our new ‪CPM‬ platform for ‪‎webmasters‬ ... etc

Kimia is still working hard on bring you the best performing mobile offers for local markets, such as ‪‎Azerbaijan‬! Every day.

Which segments are trending today? Contact us for more details:

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Other programs publish thousand of offers to thousand of affiliates. Kimia is a closed and premium network that only partners with top advertisers and top affiliates. We go beyond our competitors with world class technology, constant optimization and dedicated account management.

All our offers are previously benchmarked internally, before opening them to our partners ;)