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Ella Marti's Ads
Ella MartiSeller

Hello guys, I am looking for extensions, downloads VPN offers on CPI Basis.

Have plenty of traffic which is satisfying my advertisers need.

Ping me in skype if you are interested:

Ella MartiBuyer

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

I just got a smartlink for iOS APP available for wide range of geos.
Reach us to get your traffic evaluated and be launched.

Budget is huge!

Geos and Payouts are below:

Sign up:

Ella MartiBuyer

GUYS, I'm looking for mobile traffic providers for super converting apps on CPI basis, Net 30 terms. 24/7 support lets make huge money.

Geos needed: US, BR, CA, AU, DE, FR, ES, IT, IN, ID #cpi #traffic #mobile #natifico

Ella MartiBuyer

Natifico welcomes advertisers and affiliates!

As an affiliate network, we have a mission to unite trusted affiliates and advertisers, based on trust and respect.

Our main specialization is extensions, software, and downloads. If you don't know how to work with this Vertical - we would be happy to assist.

Despite CPA and CPI are our primary model, we are ready to discuss different terms for long term cooperation with Family members.

If you have any traffic or you are an advertiser - ping me, have a little chat and be part of our Family!

Best regards,
- Ella

Skype: live:affiliates_424
Telegram: @AMediss

Ella MartiSeller

We got exclusive top banking app! All traffic formats are welcome except adult!

The sky is Limit here!