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Stephen Butler's Ads

I am looking for direct advertisers or networks interested in buying on a CPM basis Desktop/Mobile/App. Very interesting opportunity for you.

Please Skype me to discuss : Stephenb_dp



I manage the ad inventory for about 10 sites primarily in the e-commerce and education/finance verticals. I am looking to sell direct deals or PMPs for these sites on a CPM bases .

No adult or gambling

Skype: Stephenb_dp


I manage many different websites that I have been running ads on via programmatic channels. Now I am interested in seeing what might be available via Direct Buys.

I am looking for advertisers that want to purchase high quality traffic in Tier 1 countries on CPM basis.

Contact me on skype: stephenb_dp


I represent a medium publisher that targets a very high level audience on a global scale. The content on the site is primarily academic and economic.

We are open to showing ads from multiple verticals, feel free to ping me on skype - stephenb_dp if you want to find out more.