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Ilyas ELAZ's Ads
Ilyas ELAZBuyer


Do you have email list?
Do you want to monetize it with real time stats?

Bgreat Consulting would be interested in monetization of your email databases, We are looking for Different geo as like UK,US,AU,NZ,CA,FR.
Also if you have other geo we can find the right way to monetiwe you Email List. We work on the Revenue Share basis, as we can made a negociatition depend on the revenue generated.
Lets work together! and convert your mail list to $$!

Skype: A.ILYAS

please feel free to contact us.

Ilyas ELAZBuyer


Looking for new Rev-share Email Databases 50/50
Don´t leave your Email Database hanging, make some money with it!

We´ll gladly monetize your Email Database, all you have to do is share you opt-in email addresses and enjoy making money for a database that you already had!

We have experience monetizing Email Databases and are looking to share experience and revenue with you!