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Luke Buondelmonte's Ads
Luke BuondelmonteBuyer

I have campaigns in most major verticals, insurance, finance, nutra, gaming, dating, male enhancement, payday etc.
US, UK, NZ and AU are our primary geos, but not our only ones, as we are developing WW.

This link - - will get you a free account with me and access to all our campaigns.

From here, I will help you pinpoint what will make you the most money.

Luke BuondelmonteBuyer

We have over 600 active, high paying, high converting offers. Most major verticals, insurance, finance, male enhancement, health/beauty, gaming, sweeps, etc.

US, UK, NZ and AU.

Skype me at live:smartadvnetwork

Luke BuondelmonteSeller

Hello there, do you buy or sell traffic?

I work for Smart ADV and we are looking for new publishers and networks. We have around 600 great offers right now.

Go check out some offers you can be running!

All the best,