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Tejprakash Dewangan's Ads
Tejprakash DewanganSeller

Hi I need CPI Incent Offers WorldWide direct or maximum 1 jump ....!

You can mail me:
Skype: adgaem

Tejprakash DewanganBuyer

Hey guys,

We got tons of gaming and dating CPL campaigns for worlwide geos for which we require traffic on regular basis. Please add me on Skype: adgaem if you can help.

Tejprakash DewanganBuyer

Hey There,

We are looking for traffic for BizOpp offers! Please get in touch with us on Skype: adgaem

Tejprakash DewanganSeller

lookign for traffic

Tejprakash DewanganSeller

Hey there,
My name is Tej from AdGaem Network []

We are looking for Mobile CPI Incent offers/Sweepstakes/Email Submit offers/Survey offers/Download offers to promote on virtual currency traffic. We buy media from top quality sources. Quality won’t be an issue.


Please add me on Skype: adgaem if you want to collaborate.