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Margot Yeesshh's Ads
Margot YeesshhSeller

Worldwide interstitial mobile traffic in huge amount.

Wifi and 3G - Target any geo and carrier you want!

CPM basis and prepayment only.
Ping me on Skype : for rates and any further information :)

Margot YeesshhSeller

POP traffic, high quality and worldwide, on CPM basis.

Tech Support, Dating, Finance, Travel and so on... Target every countries and every domains you want !

Ping me on Skype : or register here :

We work on prepayment only.

Margot YeesshhSeller

At Yeesshh we provide HQ pop traffic WW on CPM and CPV basis.

All verticals, browsers and platforms. You can target anything you want !

We work on prepayment.

Add me on Skype for more info :