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Oriental Alliance's Ads
Oriental AllianceBuyer

Lead generation bundles.

Direct Advertiser with Private Offers in Asia looking for Publishers and Affiliate Networks that ready to start to provide volumes of leads.

Private COD Offers
Allowed Traffic from FB / GG
Payment terms CPA.
GUARANTEED high approval rate
Payments: Highest in Geo + 20%
FB accounts+BM are providing for publishers who run our Offers

Thanks for your attention and wish to all of you a Good Profit!

Telegram @DavidAsia

Oriental AllianceBuyer

Direct advertiser offer payouts 100% threshold budgets, spend for traffic for his Offers
Daily payouts
$10,000 is daily caps (for one Geo)

Telegram @DavidAsia

Oriental AllianceBuyer

Direct Advertiser for Adult and Replica offers looking for traffic CPA, CPC, CPL, CPO

Preferences for FB traffic.
Geo Cambodia

We offer the highest payouts in county: country’s maximum + 50%!

HIGH approve rates
FAST daily payments!

Payment Terms: We pay your commission daily or upon request
We can pay via bank transfer, PayPal, WebMoney - whatever you need.


Oriental AllianceBuyer

Direct Advertiser for Nutra (COD) offers looking for traffic CPA, CPC, CPL, CPO

HIGH approve rates, FAST daily payments! ;)
We are direct advertiser for COD offers: replica watches

Payment Terms: We pay your commission daily or upon request, for traffic - advanced pre payments.
We can pay via bank transfer, PayPal, WebMoney - whatever you need.

Contact me for details:
skype: oriental-business

Oriental AllianceBuyer

Hi to all,
We need a Leads for e-commerce vertical:
Fashion and beauty

Ready to pay up to 70% from product cost per each Order or Confirmed by Call Center Lead.

Example of landing page

Profit.Asia (Skype)

Oriental AllianceBuyer

We need traffic cost per order basis
Constant partnership with 30-50 (in test contract period) and 500-3000 Orders In one day.
Asian Region and Worldwide

Oriental AllianceSeller


Email campaign. CLASSIC. 99 Servers. 1,000 letters in 15-30 Seconds !!!
Campaign with Financial Companies
Campaign Finance 500k Data.
Email campaign Finance 35k.
Email marketing CAMPAIGN.

We provide service for Constant Partners.


1. Email Database.
Financial Organizations and Individuals (FX/Binary/Crypto/Gold/Funds/Banks/Advisors/others):
Small - 37,000 Contacts
Medium - 511,000 Contacts
Large - 780,000 Contacts
Extra Large - over 1,500,000 Contacts

+ 34 more. Details here

Oriental AllianceSeller

Hot offer!
Email Campaign!
$370-$2,000 for 37,000-780,000 Clients in Financial field !!
Available next few days!

Contact us
Skype Oriental-Business

Oriental AllianceSeller

We sell Database:
29,318 websites - All Top Financial Organizations in World for 2017-2018 years
24,901 emails - contacts of this organizations
9,107 Contact pages with Contact Form
38,565 - Who Is Domains with Telephone, 4 emails (billing, administrative, ...)

Price: 5,000 usd

Skype Profit.Asia (DavidMark)

Oriental AllianceSeller

Provide mass sendings.
Such usefull marketing easy can give unlimited number of Leads to any of Campaign/any Business Field/any Country-Region/any Product and for any Services
No more words, just check this video
(set best quality in Youtube player, 2-3 min - enough for understand our resources)

Contact us:
Profit.Asia (Skype)

Oriental AllianceSeller

Lifetime Forex Traffic.

We are Owners of Premium Domain Name.
This Domain enable for you to receive Organic SEO TRAFFIC instantly. You will naturally rank high in search results; as opposed to paying for advertisements.

+++ Earn Money
Clear meaning and Memorability of what your product or service is or does = Targets, attracts and helps retain your desired customer. You EARN an unlimited amount of money

For FULL DETAILS and FOR Buy Now Premium Domain VIP.FOREX
visit SEDO Marketplace
contact us via messages

Oriental AllianceSeller

We have databases for call centers in a wide range for many countries and regions.
Also, we can collect databases for individual requests.
Email 1:
Email 2:
Skype: Profit.Asia

Oriental AllianceSeller

+ Over 7300 Highly potential investors in Forex/Gold, Stocks, Binary, Crypto, and others profitable Markets.
Investors vs Traders.
+ Cost price $538,338,77 - expenses for Collect DD.
+ Net Profit from Clients $5,030,600,00 (just in 1st year).
+ Local banks offer up to $106,551 for DD
+ Clients info have over 16 kinds of extremely Personal Details

~ 52% Clients DD have to pay $61-$7,322 for Consulting about theirs Capitals
~ 28%-35% have 2-3 saving Bank Accounts $115,810 - $37,320,000
~ 4%-7% at least living in House appraisal $820,000 - $1,210,000 (max $11,7M).
~ 3%-8% have Accounts in Stocks from $5,110,758 - up to $118,639,117.
~ 64% Clients are Members of Invest Clubs
~ 29%-42% of DD active Traders
~ 22%-47% are Agents or Partners with at least one financial organization/bank

Overview, Details, Reports CRM, Payments and others

Contact: David Mark
Profit.Asia (Skype)
+1 9513632533

Oriental AllianceJob Offer

Good day
Company looking for Partnership in all regions of our planet.
Need peoples who can setup business relations in own country between Company (supplier) and local wholesale company (buyers).
Relations for place orders at Japanese manufacture, one from 3 on the earth who produce new technology product for health protection!
Need country representative, main responsibility is setup relations
Profit: % from Contracts
Contact email: