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Vlad Koretskyi's Ads
Vlad KoretskyiBuyer

Hey Guys! looking Gay traffic for US and AU on CPL base. Extremely high EPC=0.48 on display traffic. CR is 1:6, CARL!!!!!!! 1:6 that is AWESOME!!!!!

so, who wanna make some $$$$ welcome to my skype: koretskyi.v

PS: The good budget is available, need cr proofs welcome to PM.

Vlad KoretskyiBuyer

Looking traffic for Adult dating offer. Tier 1 + DACHA.
epc around 0.5. Type: Context, Social, Blogs, Display from Dating MA.

Skype: koretskyi.v

Vlad KoretskyiBuyer

Hi Gusy! Need KR dating traffic. If anyone has, ready to discuss the deal.

CPL rates Mobile 1.04 USD, desktop 1.2

send me your proposition skype: koretskyi.v


Vlad KoretskyiBuyer

Looking social traffic for our dating offers, the CR rate is 1:15. Here is ECPM by countries:

Offer # 1
US 193.96
GB 106.10
CA 100.99
AU 196.03
NZ 348.62

Offer # 2
US 192.96
GB 180.39
CA 77.63
AU 246.23
NZ 275

Unique creatives are available.
Hurry up and don't miss you $$$$ while these offers are hot!

skype: koretskyi.v
email: koretskyi.v(at)gmail(dot)com

Vlad KoretskyiBuyer

Hi guys, I'm looking for traffic for our Dating smartlink. We chained TOP market pre-lenders and getting AWESOME results. Hurry up and don't miss your chance to get big revenue!

Skype: koretskyi.v

Vlad KoretskyiBuyer

Hi guys! I'm looking for HQ dating traffic, currently offer shows me around 0.167 EPC so wanna scale it with good traffic. Geo: AU CA US NZ If you have some, please send me your propositions skype: koretskyi.v