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Andre Miller's Ads
Andre MillerBuyer

Hey there!

I'm looking for publishers with decent amount of high quality CPI/CPA/CPL traffic for Tier 1 and Asia.

Feel free to contact me @skype:

Don't miss the opportunity to make your pocket more tight.

P.S. If you're confident enough in your forces feel free to join directly to my platform:


Andre MillerBuyer

You give me nice traffic with nice amounts, I give you money. The trade is fair.

High PO Tier 1 campaigns are waiting for your CPA/CPL traffic.

Just add me on skype and you will get a pure and trustful partnership.

Andre MillerBuyer

Hello guys,

I have a growing need in publishers providing incentivized traffic for mobile Apps.

Feel free to add me at Skype:
Or sign up directly to my platform:

Thank you for your attention.

Andre MillerBuyer

Hey guys,

I'm looking for CPA/CPL traffic sources.
I have a great variety of Sweepstakes, Pin Submits, 1/2-click flow campaigns for various GEOs. LATAM, Tier 1 Asia are included.
Waiting for your registrations at
As well as questions from you if needed at

Let's make money. Don't be shy