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Email marketing services

Smtp servers to send 50k, 100k, 200k emails per day

Email traffic avalaible from following countries:

USA - 2 million emails B2B and B2C

UK - 2 million emails B2B and B2C

France - 331k emails B2B and B2C

Norway - 109k B2B and B2C

Belgium - 116k B2B and B2C

Finland - 118k B2B and B2C

Romania - 380k emails B2B and B2C

skype: otisweb


Smart service to clean million of email addresses.

We remove invalid domains, hard bounce, soft bounce, no mx domains, spam traps.

$50 - 100k emails
$150 - 500k emails
$230 - 1 million emails

Skype: otisweb


I am looking for B2B affiliate network for USA and Europe.


I have payday loan email database from UK.

Skype: otisweb


We have following data:

USA - 2 millions active emails
UK - 1 million active emails
Romania - 500k active emails
Germany - 500k active emails

We send email campaigns based on CPC offers.

Skype: otisweb


We offer bulk email marketing services for affiliates and any other type of campaigns.

We own 5 million emails from USA B2B/B2C and 2 millions from UK B2C/B2B.

We can deal for lead CPL/CPC/CPA