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Lupon Media's Ads
Lupon MediaBuyer

You have a site and work with RTB ad networks and want to earn more? We can offer exclusive partnership opportunity to monetize your website using our Header Bidding platform and earn premium CPM rates.

We already have direct partnership with the biggest bidders on the market and great ad exchanges.

Our header bidding platform enables publishers to manage multiple bidders and capture the highest value from every impression.

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Lupon MediaSeller

If you have video content, and want to earn from your videos, than you need and video platform.

Epovid video platform ™ provides a full ecosystem (Video Platform, Custom Video Player, and in-built ad plugin) for publishing and monetizing video content. You have videos, we have technology to manage them and generate revenues.

We are the cheapest video platform in the market.

No need to set up separate video encoding, storage, and streaming providers. does it all in one place. You have videos, we have the platform. Upload them with a click and your video is online.

Monetize your videos easily and simply with Epovid. Upload your video content and our built-in ad module will provide you with the possibility to use your VAST and VPAID tags for Pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll and in-stream. Videos are yours, and you must monetize them. But, if you need to our help in monetizing your videos, we are here to help you!

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