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George SchwabSeller

Databases Of 100% Permission Based USA Opt-In Leads - 20 Verticals to choose from

Winners Can select their vertical: Every Week During August and September - Niche Of Choice, Retail Value: $997 Per Niche Vertical

George SchwabSeller

The difference in direct mailing response
is huge. Buying leads is a loosing game
where you waste your investments in
non-responsive leads that don't know
you, so why would they respond to any
offer you have?

If you make prospects an offer now, they
will respond and be your subscribers for life.

That is effective marketing with real
results, saves a bundle on mailing
costs too:

George SchwabSeller

100% Opt-in USA Leads

can you use that for your marketing?
no? Interesting. Are you sure you are
actually in business?

100% Permission Based Opt-in Leads

20 Verticals, check if yours is included:

George SchwabSeller

100% Opt-In USA Leads

Get them while they're Hot