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Andrew Gitt's Ads
Andrew GittBuyer

I'm looking to buy push up notifications. Details below.

I want to buy backfill push notification traffic from your company. I can buy ALL backfill traffic worldwide with the following rates:

USA $0.001
rest of the world $0.0001

I will be advertising very catchy and interested articles that the general public will be interested in clicking and rotating them frequently.

Add me to skype at andrewgitt and be sure to mention it's regarding selling me push up notifications.

Andrew GittSeller

I am selling pop unders via xml.
Native ad & display via openrtb.
Video outstream via VAST/VPAID

This is all my direct inventory.

I would love to discuss if this is relevant on Skype. Don't bother making a comment here because I don't check them. If you want to reach me, email me or Skype me which is best.

My traffic is in ALL geo's.

Andrew Gitt
skype: andrewgitt

Andrew GittSeller

Native Ads
Pop under
Desktop and Mobile
Worldwide Traffic

Don't comment here. Just add me to skype is easiest and paste this url in the skype invite so I know what you are asking about. If you don't have skype, email me.

Andrew Gitt
skype: andrewgitt.

Andrew GittBuyer

I need WORLDWIDE traffic.
Simple registration (email only) plus install chrome extension

Contact me if you can deliver. I'm not interested in CPC or CPM. We need to work out based on performance and I'll be happy to prepay for qualified sellers in small amounts to begin.

Skype: andrewgitt

Andrew GittBuyer

I have a client who has a work at home biz opp with simple registration form (email only or FB 1 click) and then user installs the extension.

We are only targeting users who know upfront what they are signing up for and want this opportunity which is free to use where they make money by surfing the net and making referrals.

Contact me either
andrewgitt skype

Andrew GittSeller

Hi, my name is Andrew Gitt, VP of business development for and we are looking to SELL our publishers traffic.

We have a variety of publishers that include websites, blogs, forums, browser extensions, and mobile apps.

We can support with header bidding, xml or open rtb. We are selling ads on desktop and mobile including native ads, display, video and pop-under.

Please email me if you are interested.

Andrew Gitt