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John Kazanovich's Ads
John KazanovichSeller

Hi guys,

I'm John and I'm looking to sell high-quality Mobile traffic from Exclusive adult websites.

We've got Pop-under, Skimmed (redirect) and Display.

The average traffic volume is about 11 (ELEVEN) millions of unique daily impressions.

Pop-under and Skimmed starting from only $0.30 CPM WW;
Display starting from only $0.03 CPM or $0.01 CPC WW.

You're able to customize your campaigns with the following targeting options:

• Geo - 200+ available;
• 3G/LTE or WI-FI;
• OS - we've got even Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Phone;
• Browser - 11+, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, MIUI Browser, Samsung Browser, UC Browser etc;
• Carriers - any carrier for any country;
• IP ranges - hit the very right user, if you have the IP ranges database.

Drop me an email to start the discussion or ping me on Skype:

s: live:d30ea9b0c9ca9ea8


John KazanovichSeller

Hi Guys,

we're looking to sell High Quality Popunder from Tier 1 countries. Both Desktop and Mobile available, 5M+ totally. CPM starting from only $1.40.

openRTB integration is avaialble.

There is also some Skimmed to sell (1.6M+), feel free to ask!

Ping me on Skype, leave a comment or drop an email to discuss the details directly.

John KazanovichSeller

Hi all,

I'm John from
We're a self-serve advertising platform that focuses on Adult traffic.

I'm looking to sell really huge volume of Mobile Indian Pop-under for a really bargain basement rate.

The volume is about 1M of unique daily impressions.

Skimmed (Redirect/Tabs) is also available. The volume is comparative to Pop-under.

No Tech support, no Malware and no another bad things ;)

Push Notifications can be discussed.

Hit me up to learn more!

Skype: live:d30ea9b0c9ca9ea8
ICQ: 729612643

Best Regards,