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Alona Vazonova's Ads

Good day!

My name is Alena, and I represent the agency Tapgerine.

We suggest our partners more than thousand campaigns, which covering all popular verticals (Games, Gambling, Dating etc) OS and GEO.
We have more than 1000 mobile applications directly from the developers with the ability to receive quick feedback about the quality. User friendly powerful platform and highly qualified support. We offer our partners regular payments via Wire or PayPal, ePayments and net30.

And we are looking for a reliable partner with high-quality CPI traffic for our campaigns and I would like to offer you a mutual cooperation, with more than 1000 mobile apps and verticals (Games, Gambling, Dating etc) OS and GEO.

Best regards,

Alena Vazonova


Affiliate Manager of Tapgerine LLC

Tapgerine Network
Skype AlenaVazonova :


Want to earn more with CPI and Mobile marketing, follow my lead!

If you are reading this, most probably you are looking for a leg to step on in mobile marketing, developing your business online!

We ventured into Mobile marketing some 5 years ago by means of we are computer gurus and therefore best- placed to extend to you some edge- cutting techniques and strategies, invented by us. We in Tangerine worked with various compaign, verticals and setupped for various targeting selections, finding what our customers need. And we know all about Cost- per- Install to advertise and move up.

If you want to earn more from now on and you are used to mobile Marketing, and CPI in particular, get on with me on Skype: Alona Vazonova, or LinkedIn:

Tapgerine Network,
Skype: AlenaVazonova,


I would like to suggest you our high- ended, edge- cutting and innovationary technology, Super(Smart)- link. It has the fastest optimization process to target the necessary geo, device, OS and filter the offers to bring you the highest profit available. You can now forget about remnant traffic, - 100% fill rate. And you can now monetize ALL your clickers. So we throughly practiced coversion rate Optimization, because now all misstarget of yours (back- traffic) will now be scattered on other offers of yours so that there is a a chance to receive conversion, respectively. One link to rule all your traffic. Take one single link and you will see the magic of our solution.

We at our Company are pleased to have the chance to submit to you a proposal to help your Company greatly increase your marketing Conversion Rate.

We have realised that through our service, your Company will:

*Increase brand- awareness
*Increase Conversion rate (ROI) by at least 30%
*Steamline your pre- sales and post- sales process