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Pablo Gómez Chamorro's Ads
Pablo Gómez ChamorroSeller

We have CPI biding traffic, many integrated and SDK direct pubs. Weekly we provide you with a list of SDK direct publishers.

Quality and Volume¡¡

GO, GO, GO¡¡

Pablo Gómez ChamorroSeller

Our DSP holds over 15 billion daily worldwide impressions, and our traffic comes from both Mobile and PC, covering banner, 3rd party tags, native, video/rewarded video, and POP though CPM, CPC and even CPI bidding, which means we only charge you when your APPs are installed.

With such large traffic, the more information you offer us, the more specific supports and advice we can provide you.


Reach us here: live:pablo.chamorro_4,,

Pablo Gómez ChamorroSeller

We got CPM basis with a WW huge volume of traffic, especially in the US, AU, UK and CA.

Reach me here please:

Skype: live:pablo.chamorro_4


Pablo Gómez ChamorroSeller

We support Display and POP campaigns on CPM&CPC basis. WW traffic.

Mobile and Desktop

Retargeting features

Two Marketing Goals: Performance and Branding.

300$ Prepayment to test our platform

Here you go¡¡, Avazu DSP

Reach me Here please, live:pablo.chamorro_4