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Alex Bonchukov's Ads
Alex BonchukovSeller

FX, CFD, CRYPTO leads on CPA (no prepayment), big data base from different sources, starting from beginning oF the year till 2 weeks old, average conversion rate IS 0.25% - 0.5%, answer rate is approx 10%, best for optimized dialers.
Full integration with any platform.
PM at: email: ,
skype: live:bonchykov

Alex BonchukovSeller

Hey there,
I'm a social media and mailing manager, sell leads for the Crypto, Forex and Binary, in stock every kind of leads:
fully leads: full name, email, phone number, GEO.
Database lists: name, email, GEO.
All data is cleaning by our own systems!!!

Add me on skype: live:bonchykov
Or an email: