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Idan Israel's Ads
Idan IsraelSeller

Hi Everyone,

We have the Traffic that you need.

Looking for Sweapstake offers base on CPL.

Prime GEO like US/CA/Eu

Contact via Skype :

Idan IsraelSeller

We have Quality Traffic for mobile

We were overrflooded by requests and we sorry for the dealy recently.

Prime GEO - US/Ca/Eur

Base on :
CPI - Mobile
CPL - Desktop and Mobile

Unique Trageting System - We FIT your AD to
your specific needs.

Contact by Skype - idanisrael0203

Idan IsraelSeller

Hi everyone,

We offer HQ traffic,
Mainly Vertical - TV, Tech,Software and more...

Prime main GEOs - US/CA

Publish on desktop/mobile web

Looking for long term deals.
Contact via Skype - idanisrael0203