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Maria Gumerova's Ads
Maria GumerovaBuyer

I am AM from UTES.
Nice to e-meet you!
We are looking for the HQ traffic and want cooperate with you.
We have a lot of different offers.
I'm sure we have something to propose you.
Please add me and I'll tell you more about us

Skype: live:maria_23297

Maria GumerovaBuyer

Tuti Fruiti - Android - DE - Non incent *In-house* CPE
1.5 USD

Preview URL:

Campaign flow description:

Pixel will fire upon user registration and confirmation of the account.

Registration includes: user name and mobile phone number.

Validation is done via pin code confirmation that will be sent via SMS

*We don't support Vodafone users due to technical issue and thus can validate their account.

Allowed traffic:
In-app, display, FB, Google, pop's

We will not pay for fraudulent traffic coming from virtual machines, bots etc.
All methods of promotions/traffic that are not included in the above "allowed traffic" are to be considered as not allowed unless mentioned and confirmed via email.

If you have traffic for this new campaign, please ping me via Skype:

Maria GumerovaBuyer

Hello, guys, if you are interested in:
- Direct offers;
- In-house offers;
- 100$ - min amount for payment via Paypal;
- 500$ - min amount for payment via Wire;
- NET30;
- Patient, helpful and kind managers

Please, let me know. You can get my contact below:

live:maria_23297 - Skype

Maria GumerovaSeller

We are looking for:
- in-house advertisers (net7, net15, net30) for CPI, CPL offers
- developers
- direct publishers

Please, contact me:
Skype: live:maria_23297

Maria GumerovaBuyer

Guys, looking for traffic for our premium smartlinks!
Publishers for CPL, CPA, CPI offers welcome!

Net30, best service, paypal and wire.

Please, ping me via skype:

Maria GumerovaBuyer

We are looking for HQ traffic for our CPI, CPL, CPA offers. We have a big couple of direct offers and we expanding every minute and adding new advertisers and developers.
We work on net30 with wire system or paypal. Contact me to know more about us:

Skype: live:maria_23297