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Melisa Jack's Ads
Melisa JackSeller


Geo's: Tier 1 and all English speaking countries.

Ad formats: Email , Videos , Pop up/pop under , Banner , Native.

Verticals: Adult, Gaming, Gambling, Casino, Binary, Forex, Weight Loss, Solar Panels, Education etc.

Carrier Target: Languages, Gender, Age, IP Address, Mobile network, Re-targeting.

We serve more than million impression per day with captivate your app users for maximum engagement.

Kindly ping me on Skype/Email to discuss more.

Skype Id: live:melisa_3067
Email Id:

Melisa JackSeller

Hello All,

* We work on both XML and XML feeds.

* We work on these ad-formats: Pop -We do both Pop Up and Pop Under. Will provide premium traffic. We work on mobile and desktop.

Banner - We do work on all IAB's standard.

Videos - We work on ctv etc.

Target - we target particular Language, network, geo's, IP address.

Mobile - we targeting the particular mobile and also we do re-targeting.

* We do work on Tech calls on Mac ,Desktop.

Melisa JackSeller

Hello Partner,

We are direct publishers and we provide high-quality global traffic for all model, all verticals and all Ad formats( Display, pop, e-mail, Native, Video).

We deliver 100% of the high-quality traffic with guaranteed results WW. We have a direct partnership with the widest range of publishers, delivering highly-optimized global traffic to meet our advertiser’s goals.

Kindly ping me via either Skype or email with your queries and requirements.

Email Id:
Skype Id: live:melisa_3067

Melisa JackSeller

We have WW traffic for all countries and verticals. Kindly ping me on Skype/Email.

Skype Id: melisa_3067
Email Id: