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Marie Gaviola's Ads
Marie GaviolaBuyer

We're a direct advertiser looking to advertise at torrent sites that accept adult content banners.

Reach me on skype or email:
Marie NYStealth

Marie GaviolaBuyer

We're a direct advertiser looking for Direct Publishers and Ad Network: a media company that sells inventory across a range of publisher sites to advertisers at a set price. Details are as follows:

Campaign type: CPC, CPM
Mobile: Android, iOS
Desktop: PC, Mac, Ipad, Tablet
Vertical: Adult
Geos: US, CA

You may reach us at:
Skype: Marie NYStealth

Marie GaviolaBuyer

Need someone with FB and YouTube ad campaigns experience. Need to have experience running campaigns on Facebook and YouTube BH/WH. We're running Nutra/Men's health products.

Leave your contact details and will get back to you asap.

Thank you.