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Carlos PF's Ads

Hi there guys!

My name is Carlos from

I am searching affiliates ready to run CPL/CPA SOI-DOI offers for our main verticals.

We are specialized in:

Mainstream Dating (PO from 7-12usd)
Adult Dating (PO from 3.2-6usd)
Games (PO from 1-8usd)
Loans up to 25usd.

Hit me up on skype


Cheers! :)


Hello everyone!

At VortexAds we are looking for HQ traffic on CPL/CPA/CPS flow.
Main verticals include: Dating (both Mainstream & Adult) and Gaming. (and we are expanding the field of our expertise)

What we offer is:
Weekly payments;
Advanced Smart Link;
High payouts;
Long-term partnership.
Personal support.

Hit me up on skype to get further details :)