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Thomas D.'s Ads
Thomas D.Seller

Get in touch for the highest converting CPA offer - English speaking India.

All inhouse - we´re direct advertiser.
Skype: live:2f0f46ceb29d4bd1

No prepayments, budgets, CPL, CPM, CPC
Only CPA, postpay.

Thomas D.Seller

Hi Guys,
I was wondering if anyone can help me with the following. I´m looking to send Mass / Bulk e-mail to a huge list I have. Not sure which ESP will work best for me. Is there anyone here who can help me out with this?

Will appreciate it a lot if you´re sharing some of your knowledge or any information.

Planning to send WW

PM or Skype

Thomas D.Buyer

Looking for SERIOUS affiliates/pubs/networks who can provide live traffic to our inhouse crypto / fx funnels.

T1 / T2 / T3 geos

Thomas D.Buyer

Currently on the look out for somebody who has a network of CPA affiliates available in either Forex, Crypto, Casino or Cannabis.

If you bring me affiliates I will set you up with a master account and you get your share.
Deal is negotiable.

Add me on Skype and let´s talk.

Thomas D.Buyer

Reach out for the highest CR´s in the industry.
Quality over quantity averaging 30%+

Thomas D.Buyer

Reach out to me on Skype to discuss further.

Looking for live traffic to our inhouse campaigns running on machine learning to reach highest possible CR´s.

Many geos / languages
Only CPA, Weekly payments


Thomas D.Seller

Looking for somebody with experience with twitter ads to have a chat with. We are planning to start working with twitter ads on a massive scale but would like to have a chat with somebody who has experience at first.