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Lead MonsterSeller

Hi Guys.
our platform generates over 50M fresh leads every month from our online networks.
we going to clean our shelf records In cheap prices

file info contains
- Full client Name
- Mobile Number
- Mobile provider network
- Status
- Have an Active credit / Debit Card ... Yes or not.

Minimum order for shelf records are.
100K records 550 euro
1M records 4500 euro

Free Samples Available.


If you are interested in our fresh Leads. PM to offer prices, data type, gender, age, city, etc.

when contacting me via Skype.
please attached this URL and point your GEO Target needs and amounts.

Lead MonsterSeller

we are running online e-commerce networking with over 5000 worldwide online shared websites and over 100million buyers per month.
that is why we can assure we can generate leads from your targeted country.

-we can get you the perfect leads of buyers who buy online and have valid credit & debit card.

-any leads are fully generated per order and never sold before.

-any leads contain a direct mobile number of the client we validate by SMS verification.

-you will get the full name and country name.

-the network name this user uses on his mobile device.

-alive status of the user device.
you can target any country or city in the world you wish to generate
all the leads are collected fresh from the last 72hr

free sample of some unit to test the product.

minimum order 25k records price Cpl 0.04 per
city target extra 0.02Cpl.

If you looking for non-validated leads we can provide in cheaper price Cpl.

JOY-VAGNER ( media solution )

Lead MonsterSeller

Dear Company owner,

we have a file with 125k records year 2018
belong to other online biz .....

all register users who open an account from Australia.
if you like to have this file we asking for it 1000euro

if you looking for free leads.
keep going I'm not looking for any revshare or other stories that give you free leads.

this is what we are doing and we don't do it for free.

contact me via Skype for share screen.
samples etc.


Lead MonsterSeller

Hi Guys
I have a new list of South Africa and Italy depositors year 2018

15k records of South Africa with full name, email, phone number, address, city, total deposit amount,

if you are interesting I'm asking one payment per total records of 2000 euro.

4300 records for Italy depositors 2018
full name, email, phone, total deposit amount, address etc
asking price 1000 euro one time sell.

don't sell parts only the whole file one time sell.
payment via wire or western union or bitcoin.



Lead MonsterSeller

Hi Guys
lead generating on long terms options.
I got accesses to online buyers list who buy on e-commerce shops online many types of things and pay via credit & debit card.
those people are live buyers and the records are collected base on last week up to one month.

all those clients are based worldwide but we can filter country geo-target and get you the buyer list from you targeted geo needs.

clients list benefits and info contain!!!

1.all the clients we deliver are fresh,
2.all have a valid credit card to buy your product
3.only direct mobile number of those clients targeted network they use *Vodafone, Tmobile etc
6.full name of the client
7.100% valid data guaranteed
8.list is dedicated collected per etch order and you be the only one who got those records,

every invalid number will be replaced for free.

if you interesting in such list.
get in touch, for free samples.
skype - joy-Vagner
email -