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Frederic Deschamps's Ads
Frederic DeschampsBuyer

Hello Guys ,

I'm looking for email traffic in Sweden and Brazil on a CPC, CPL or CPA model for Educational brand.

if you have traffic, please email me at


Frederic DeschampsBuyer


I'm looking for traffic for our INCENT Mobile Pin Submit offers in South Africa, Malaysia and Indonesia

Get in touch via skype: frederic.deschamps85 or email at

You can also create an account here :

and look for all our offers (CPL, CPI, CPA) wordwide.


Frederic DeschampsBuyer

Hello guys

Khing is looking for CPL traffic in UK, ES, IT, BE, BR on mobile for direct CPL offers with good payout.

if you have some, let's discuss on skype (frederic.deschamps85) or via email


Frederic DeschampsBuyer

Hi Guys,

i'm looking for Rewarded video traffic paid on CPI.

if you have some inventory, don't hesitate to contact me at frederic.deschamps85

or via email at