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Brett Kaufman's Ads
Brett KaufmanBuyer

Look for Medicare Supplement Insurance leads only. No calls, transfers or co-reg at this time.

Brett KaufmanBuyer

Looking for US-based credit repair traffic. This includes sub-prime, mortgage, debt, student loan, or any credit turn-down vertical.

PPcall or CPA.

Brett KaufmanBuyer

I have a number of senior brands looking for more traffic, primarily on on a CPA or CPL basis.

US Only, non incent.

Leads and calls acceptable for most campaigns.

Medicare Supplement Insurance
Medical Equipment/Device (Oxygen)
Senior Living
Cell Phones

Brett KaufmanBuyer

We are working on a call program with a large ride sharing service, they are looking to sign up new drivers (not riders).

This program has been working well for call centers and those with access to data.

If you are a call center and can run a transfer campaign, this has a great chance of succeeding. Many partners have been running this on the front or backend of call programs related to auto insurance, auto warranty, education, job/careers and debt consolidation.

If you just have data that could be a great fit, but don’t have a call center, we can help you partner with a pre approved avatar dialing company that has been having great success on this campaign. They have a low cost model that has been backing out nicely to help yield conversions.

Once a driver completes signup (this happens before the background checks and further documentation), the $10 conversion payment is issued to you.

Brett KaufmanBuyer

Looking for partners/sites that are a good fit for fintech and insuretech partners.

We have a number of brands in insurance and financial services looking for more traffic.

Auto Insurance
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Credit Repair