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Edouard Ducray's Ads
Edouard DucrayBuyer

We have our own Web Push Notification (WPN) advertising network.

We mainly disseminate retargeting and predictive targeting campaigns.
Our algorithms individually select ("One to One") a list of ultra-targeted users for each of our Web Push Notification campaigns.

To increase our reach, we have decided to open up our network to external Web Push (WPN) advertising networks.

With this in mind, we would like to be able to use your WPN network when we have campaigns for which our algorithms will select users belonging to your WPN network.

If so, it will involve you sending our Web Push campaigns to a targeted list of your WPN users.

Feel free to ping us

Ping us

Edouard Ducray
m: + 33 6 82 10 35 63 / +33 9 75 18 68 69
w: e:

Edouard DucrayBuyer

Adrenalead is a Web Push Advertising Network
We mainly focus on "One2One" targeted web push notitification campaigns

We are looking for Web Push Notification traffic (WPN)(World Wide)

If you own a WPN AdNetwork feel free to contact ma ASAP

Edouard DucraySeller

We are a Web Push Notification AdNetwork.

Web Push Notiifcation is the INNOVATION of digital marketing.

We WORK with every vertical with the exception of adult content.

Web Push Notification is a clickable message that is sent by the OS directly to the mobile or computer of the web user, once the web user has previously consented by clicking on the "Allow Button“. The message is directly transmitted through the web browser. This Advertising format allows the advertiser to send a message to all the opt-in users including those who have left the website; this aspect generates additional positive results.

Our advertising format is proved to be better than traditional WEB advertising.

- First format "Anti Adblock",
-100% Brand Safety
-100% RGDP Compliant
-100% RobotClicls Proof

For further Info don't hesitate to contact us!

Skype: fernando.adrenalead

Edouard DucraySeller

Hi everybody

Today we would like to share with you our very bad experience with
Our contact (The so called "Business Development Manager") has different names: Tomas Burbon / Alex Toms / eduard_2139 etc ...

We agreed on a test for our Campaign (Web Push Subscription) CPL:0.04 $

As required we prepaid 200$ (through Neteller)

But after a couple of days not even one lead was delivered
So we asked Toms/Alex a refund
He said yes but never did it
After many skype follow-up and reminder, nothing happen

For no reason at all, Tomas (or Alex) eventually said "Fuck Off" to my Associates and called her "a Stupid Bitch":

We strongly suggest you not to deal with and specifically with Alex Toms Alias Tomas Burbon !!!

Edouard DucraySeller

Hello everybody

First of all: happy new year to all of you !

Adrenalead is a Web Push Ad Network
We are looking for offers through Smart Link (URL Rotator)
If you have this feel free to contact me anytime

Edouard Ducray