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Victor Povarchuk's Ads
Victor PovarchukBuyer

Hello guys! This is Victor from ClickDealer/GDM Group.

Looking for affiliates/publishers to push our good converting CPL US insurance/finance offers!

Feel free to ping me on skype or email


Victor PovarchukBuyer

Hey guys!

This is Victor, business developer from ClickDealer - International CPA network.

I am looking for good affiliates who can push our great loan/insurance US and UK offers, on CPL,CPS,Rev Share basis

If you are interested feel free to reach out to me:

skype - victor.povarchuk.cld
email -


Victor PovarchukBuyer

Hello guys!

ClickDealer/GDM Group is looking for good affiliates/publishers to push our direct finance/insurance offers on CPL/CPA/Rev Share basis!

You`ll get all necessary promo matherial, advices and tips to help you with launch!

Payment terms: monthly net 15 or weekly net 4 depends on volume and quality. Don`t do prepayment.

Please contact me:
email -

Victor PovarchukBuyer

Hey guys! Looking for Belgium home improvement (solar and anti burglary) traffic! Got awesome SOI offers for you with great payout!

Victor PovarchukBuyer

Hey guys! looking for real estate CPL traffic for Belgium! High payouts available! Please ping me via skype or email!

Post payment only

Victor PovarchukBuyer

Hello guys! Looking for software CPS traffic WW. High converting landing pages and soft restrictions.

High payouts available now!

Postpayment only!

Victor PovarchukBuyer

Hello guys! Looking for PL finance traffic on CPA basis. High payouts available!

Post payment only.

Victor PovarchukBuyer

Hello guys! Looking for traffic for finance offer (check credit score) for India! Please pm if you have anything in mind!