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Osmond ND's Ads
Osmond NDSeller

Offer people the opportunity to learn more about your business to find out who is most likely to make a purchase through quality leads you generate.

<<Forex, Casino Gambling, Loans, Sweepstakes, Desktop Games, Binary Options, and more>>

We offer quality traffic for CPL campaigns with the goal of converting the leads into purchasing cusomers and therefore, helping your business grow.

Please contact on Skype: partners.10media

Osmond NDSeller

Hello Everyone,

I am writing to you from 10MG, a company adept at delivering high end solutions where generating user acquisitions for advertisers is concerned. We want to invite you to partner with us, and let us help you generate quality leads for your business, through high end channels such as Facebook, Blogs and Forums, alongside Email marketing.
We work majorly on CPL, and we have sharpened edge across all geos especially Europe, and we work with various verticals; Forex, Loans, Real Estate, Binary, Dating, among many others.

We look forward to hearing from you and having you join our range of advertisers.

Skype: partners.10media

Osmond NDBuyer

Do you have forex leads?

We are interested in buying high quality forex leads from GCC majorly.

If you have forex/binary leads for this region, do not hesitate to send a message now or reach out on Skype to initiate a conversation: partners.10media

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Osmond NDJob Offer

Here comes an opportunity for a Business Developer to help our company in reaching out and harnessing more business partners that are looking to generate results in the affiliate marketing industry.

This is a work from home opportunity, but the work would be monitored and you would be required to work at specific period of times during the day.

Please send your skype username and a link to your LinkedIn profile, and answer the question of how much you are expecting as a salary.

You must have at least 2 years experience in Digital Marketing
You must be fluent in communicating in English language
You must be able to work with deadlines and flexible in work hours
You must be able to prepare reports on a weekly basis about the performance of your progress
Campaign Management skill is a plus.

Osmond NDJob Offer

We are looking for a competent person with relevant skills and capabilities suitable for the job of a Campaign Manager, whose responsibilities would be to launch campaigns, manage campaigns, build landing pages, setup integration and other practices for the success of the campaigns.

It's important that the person is familiar with such areas as Tracking, Landing Pages, Traffic Sources, Ad copies, Reports, among many others.

Please forward your CV to this email:
Skype: partners.10media

Osmond NDSeller


Are you an advertiser looking to garner more leads for your business? Then we can work together, now! As client are important to a doctor, so are leads important to your business!

The more leads you get, the more customers you have, and we have coverage of over 1Billion people across the globe.
Our verticals range from Binary, Forex to Real Estate, Beauty and many more.
We only run live campaigns, and we generate quality leads with great and compelling creative materials.

Let's chat on Skype today: partners.10media