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Samantha Llyord's Ads
Samantha LlyordBuyer

Looking for adult traffic on CPM model .

Ping me on skype or e-mail

SKYPE : samanthalsmedia

E-mail :

Samantha LlyordBuyer

I am having direct Nutra campaign and waiting for Traffic to start the campaign

Samantha LlyordBuyer

Hello All,

I am having finance(Loan) Offer , awaiting for your traffic .

Contact me

Samantha LlyordBuyer

Need traffic for mobile subscription campaign

Samantha LlyordBuyer

I am having Direct Nutra campaign , Pet, Career, Realestate campaigns on ( CPA/CPC) Model.

If anyone having traffic connect me via skype : samanthalsmedia

Samantha LlyordBuyer

I am looking for CRYPTO/FOREX Traffic

Ping me on skype if you have : samanthalsmedia