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Abhishek Singh's Ads
Abhishek SinghSeller

Hi guys,

Are you fed up with fake calls OR no calls every night.If you looking for steady solution for you tech support business then your search ends here.We bring you the best and Affordable solutions for you tech support center:

SEO Calls & Pricing:

1)Email/Paid Email tech Calls : 300 inr per call (20%conversion)
2)Printer Calls for tech support:400 inr per call(30%conversion)
3)Anti-Virus Calls - 450 inr per call(30%conversion)
4)Quick-books Calls- 500 inr per call(40% conversion)
5)Outlook Email calls- 350 inr per call (20%conversion)

PPC Calls for tech support:

1)Printer Calls for tech support:600 inr per call(50%conversion)
2)Anti-Virus Calls - 850 inr per call(60%conversion)
3)Quick-books Calls- 1000 inr per call(70% conversion)

Popup Calls tech support:

1)Popup Calls for tech support:500 inr per call(40%conversion)