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Luc Besson's Ads
Luc BessonSeller

I can provide you with Zeus Virus Pop up Calls with exceptional quality, it can give you an RPC of 50/55 % Easily. Blank or Robo Calls less than 3% (Average Handing Time > 25 mins),Travel,Banking,Pharma and
PayPal mostly find Aged and high Income Category Clientsas these calls generated directly from Ultra Premium Ad zones (Yahoo,Google,Shopping,Brazzers,realityking) etc. So chances of getting these calls converted into a Sale is way higher than any other Pub or Media Source, as these traffic are not repeated and we get new traffic every day.

Following Things you need to keep in mind before we make a deal:-

1- Minimum Call quantity to Opt for is 50.

2- Per Call Cost is 12.5 USD.

3- We accept payments in UK based Bank accounts/Skrill/Bitcoin/Neteller/Western Union
4.we work on hit and count basis