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Siim Karutoom's Ads
Siim KarutoomBuyer

Hey guys

The ones who are open for a long-term monetization partnership please connect. We have very good offers on deck!

Can provide you the following solutions:
+ Smartlinks
+ Rotator links
+ Native

Feel free to add me to Skype ( siim.adcash ) to explore the best possible solutions for You.


Siim Karutoom
Skype siim.adcash

Siim KarutoomBuyer

Looking for some new partners whose traffic could monetize as a long term deal with competitive results of course :)
We have some heavy budgets and could establish a long-term revenue commitment when traffic is good.

We can work:
+ Smartlink ( CPI/ CPA )
+ Rotator Link ( Revshare on CPM, CPA, CPI )
+ Native ( JS tags )

For all interested please signup as PUBLISHER

Feel free to add me into Skype ( siim.adcash ) to work close.