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Looking for traffic for our adult offers:

C-Date (FR) (SOI)
TheFuckList (ES) (SOI)
4Club (ES) (SOI)
NewHoney (IT) (SOI)
BeNaughty (US) (SOI)
Milfssearch (US, CA, AU) (SOI)
C-Date (DE) (SOI) (iOS)
C-Date (DE) (SOI) (Android)
CasualClub (IT) (SOI)
BeNaughty (AU) (SOI)
OurSecretChat (UK) (DOI)
Spdate (UK) (SOI)

ComeWithDaddy (US, UK, AU, CA, NZ) (SOI)
Milfssearch (US, CA, AU) (SOI)
Best Adult Dating (US, UK, AU, CA, NZ, IE) (SOI)

Eliteflirts (UK)
Sexdatebritain (UK)

Please feel free to contact me on Skype - live:elena.highrockads or by email -

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All marketers know Black Friday is one of the most favorable days for making BIG MONEY!

Check out our new Black Friday offers and don’t miss a chance to grab your piece of the pie:

- Win a Sainsbury's Gift Card - Black Friday Edition (UK) (SOI) 1.6 USD
- Win a Woolworths Gift Card - Black Friday Edition (AU) (SOI) 2.4 USD
- Win a Paypal Gift Card - Black Friday Edition (AU) (SOI) 2.4 USD

For more details, reach out to me on Skype: live:elena.highrockads or by email:

Meet Black Friday with High Rock Ads!

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Hello folks! We're looking for high-quality traffic for our best-converting CPL offers. Please check them out and ping me on Skype to start our cooperation - live:elena.highrockads

Coupons & Sweepstakes:

- iPhone 11 Pro (DE) (SOI) (Personal Approval) 2.9 USD

- Burger King (DE) (SOI) (Personal Approval) 2.9 USD

- ASOS Giftcard (UK) (SOI) (Personal Approval) 1.95 USD

- iPhone 11 Halloween Pro - Pro Max (AU) (SOI) (Personal Approval) 2.6 USD

- $500 Free Taco Bell Meals (US) (SOI) (Personal Approval) 1.6 USD

- iPad Pro 2019 (US) (SOI) (Personal Approval) 1.6 USD

- iPhone 11 (US) (SOI) (Personal Approval) 1.6 USD

- iPhone 11 (IT) (SOI) (Personal Approval) 1.05 EUR

- Pandora (IT) (SOI) (Personal Approval) 1.05 EUR

- RyanAir 500€ (IT) (SOI) (Personal Approval) 1.05 EUR

- Google Play Giftcard (UK) (SOI) (Personal Approval) 1.7 USD

- Samsung Galaxy S10 (IT) (SOI) (Personal Approval) 1.05 EUR

- iPhone 11 PRO (AU) (SOI) (Personal Approval) 2.4 USD

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Hi everyone! Are you ready to run our BRAND-NEW DIRECT CPL offers? ;)

- iPhone 11 (UK) (SOI) 2.4USD
- S&P - iPhone 11 (US) (SOI) 2.4USD
- S&P - iPhone 11 Pro (US) (SOI) 2.4USD

Please let me know what you think of them! Ping me on Skype to discuss our cooperation – live:elena.highrockads

Can’t wait to increase our profit with you!

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Hey folks! Please meet these AMAZING desktop gaming offers:

Forge Of Empires (US) (SOI) 1.8 USD
Elsword (UK) (SOI) 1.4 USD
Rail Nation (UK) (SOI) 1.7 USD
League of Angels 3 (US, UK, AU, CA, DE) (SOI) 2.5 USD
League of Angels 3 (DE) (SOI) 2.6 USD
League of Angels 3 (UK) (SOI) 2.6 USD
League of Angels 3 (FR) (SOI) 2.6 USD

Do you have HQ traffic for these offers? Feel free to contact me via Skype - live:elena.highrockads

It’s high time to make some money!!!

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High Rock AdsBuyer

Hey guys! We're looking for HQ traffic for our HOT and HIGHLY CONVERTING OFFER - Rent To Own (US) (CPL). is the leading rent to own site. With over 2 million listings, you can rest assured you're getting the best match!

If you have the following types of traffic:
• Craiglist posting
• Email
• Display
• Search
• Social
• Contextual

do not hesitate to contact me here, via Skype - live:elena.highrockads or via e-mail

Payment: 1.7 USD per lead (NET 20)

Let's make some great money together! ;)

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Hello Partners,
High Rock Ads is looking for traffic for folowing offers.
If you can run ping me please in Skype live:nickp.highrockads

3402 Nisnass Online Shopping - iOS - SA, AE - Non-Incent (CPE) 5.6USD
3394 Poly Puzzles Coloring - iOS - CA - Non-Incent (CPE) 4USD
3393 Poly Puzzles Coloring - iOS - US - Non-Incent (CPE) 4USD
3387 Nurx - US - Incent (CPS) (Personal Approval) 4.8USD
3388 Win Walmart Gift Card - US - Non-Incent (CPL) 1.4USD
3386 GoDaddy - US, CA, UK, IN, AU - Incent (CPS) 2.88USD
3385 US Loan Experts - US - Non-Incent (CPL) 22.4USD
3382 411 Cash Lender - US - Non-Incent (CPL) 22.4USD
3379 BudgetHyve Electronics - US - Non-Incent (CC Submit) 6.7EUR
3377 eDarling - FR - Non-Incent (CPL) 3.84EUR
3376 Rock Star Sex Life - US, AU - Non-Incent (CPL) 5.2USD
3375 One Night Stand Singles - US, AU - Non-Incent (CPL) 5.2USD

Sign Up Link:

High Rock AdsBuyer

Looking for a traffic on CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI and Rev Share offers !

Our platform provides you with freedom of choosing from a wide range of payment plans – Weekly, Bi-Weekly, NET 7, NET 15 or NET 30, while payments can be made both via PayPal and by wire transfer.

Skype: live:nickp.highrockads

2220 Win Google Lautsprecher - DE - Non-Incent (CPL) 2.24USD
2221 Foreign Girlfriend - CA, AU- Non-Incent (CPL) 3.2USD
2224 LatinWomanLove - AU - Non-Incent (CPL) 5.2USD
2226 Snapcougars - AU, CA, US - Non-Incent (CPL) 3.2USD
2227 Nakedlocals - AU, CA, US - Non-Incent (CPL) 3.2USD
2237 Spdate LP Warning - US, CA, AU, UK - Non-Incent (CPL) 2USD