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Kyran Mcintosh's Ads
Kyran McintoshSeller

Hey All !
I have this great traffic to sell and looking for someone that is able to take big chunks of our inventory .
We have a huge amounts of Content which we drive live traffic to from different mediums .
Currently generating 30K-50K unique user registration per month and have the ability to expand much more.
PIng me on Skype at Kyran.MC
Cheers !

Kyran McintoshSeller

Hello ALL!

I'm Kyran, Director of business development @ BrainAds Media .
We Are a Media Company specialized in HQ traffic for the ADULT, FINANCIALS and BETTING MODULES. Our inventory is uneek and we have more then 5000 sites across the net that delivers HQ traffic.

Kyran McintoshSeller

Hi, My Name Is Kyran . I’m the Director of sales and business development at BRAINADS MEDIA,
You can see us on
We have great traffic sources for Finance, Gambling, Adult and Data. Highly convertible.
We are an experienced company with over 8,000 unique registrations per month on our different advertiser’s platforms.
Please PIng me on Skype at KYRAN.MC