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Maya Olsen's Ads
Maya OlsenSeller

I ask you to draw the attention of all users if you are written by strangers who have fresh topics on this site (less than 1 year), then maybe this is the same scam that registers a lot of accounts to trick you and provide cheap traffic like traffic from google ads or fb, in no case do not accept files from them!

Always ask for facebook or linked accounts if they aren’t available its scammer !

It’s very easy to distinguish scammers; they don’t have a long work history, they appear from nowhere !

Another way to distinguish scammers is that they make a simple page on the Internet on which there are no contacts and the registration address of the site is less than a year.

Example Ben Park (profile -
Site -
Creation Date: 2020-04-17T15:47:59Z

Site registered a month ago))

Maya OlsenBuyer

✔️ PPI: best offer of volumes and prices.
✔️ 100% White Software
✔️ Targeting: Desktop, Windows, Country
✔️ No adblockers and others

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To run those campaigns you will need:
⚈ white traffic (real pc only)
⚈ worked statistics (also we can use my statistics)
⚈ good CR on your traffic