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Kornilios Grapsas's Ads
Kornilios GrapsasBuyer

Do you Have quality mobile in -app traffic for mainstream offers worldwide, contact me my email or ping me at Skype

Kornilios GrapsasBuyer

I need mobile web traffic
integrate in a minute and earn money from your traffic
I'm looking for buying mobile web traffic via JS tags integration.
we have great exclusive and direct advertisers such as Twitter, Myntra, Postmates, Com2us, Yandex and many more.

ping me @ skype : kornilios.minimob

Kornilios GrapsasBuyer

I'm looking for mobile web traffic to promote JS tags with great ecpm
we have great exclusive and direct advertisers

skype: kornilios.minimob

Kornilios GrapsasSeller

Hi all
Mobile BT id a media buying agency and I am looking for CPI direct offers
We can provide full transparency
contact at skype kornilios.grapsas