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Isaac Bilokin's Ads
Isaac BilokinSeller

40,000 records, i will sell the entire database for a discounted price or $2 per record. please message call or email me if your interested in this.

data includes name, email, phone, source and country.

free example:
66221327 Jean-Marc Martin 33494004327 FRANCE
37237135 armando bechi 39055472685 ITALY
41818397 Martelli Philippe 33972101007 FRANCE
31161573 Mandy Austin 643 3439231 NEW ZEALAND
9317184 christopher hunt 447900496594 UNITED KINGDOM
37372859 Tony Stewart 6468450068 NEW ZEALAND
41417608 Josh Bruce 447878902516 UNITED KINGDOM

Isaac BilokinSeller

you will get 5aud per lead, preview link:

Isaac BilokinBuyer

need mortgage leads

visitor has to fill out name, email, phone, their state and if they are buying or refinancing