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Roman From Tubecorporate's Ads
Roman From TubecorporateBuyer

ClickAdilla - It's platform for monetize your traffic!

Monetize all GEO's;
Real Time Stats;
CPM Format;
Adult and Mainstream.

Ad Format:
- PopUnder;
- Pre-Roll;
- In-Page;
- Push;
- Native;
- Banner;
- Direct Link.

Payments: NET 7 Days.
Method Payments: Paxum, Capitalis, BTC, USDT, USDC, PayPal, WMZ, Perfect Money, Wire


Telegram: @black_corsair
Skype: live:c6f5cff464e7465c

Roman From TubecorporateSeller

Hi friends!
We are selling desktop and mobile traffic
- Popuners and banner
- 6 quality adult tubes
- 10 000 000+ unique visitors per day
- 385 000 000+ impressions per day
- 3 million+ Desktop popunder per day
- 3 million+ Mobile popunder per day
- All targeting options: GEO's/OC/Devices/Browser/Frequency Capping/WiFi/Carriers/Etc...

All of our websites have high Google positions according to quality search requests. We are working on improvement of our traffic quality constantly as long as on promotion of our sites in Google. We also get much target traffic from social networks: reddit, FB, G+, VK, Tumblr, Pinterest ect..

Hit me up on skype if you are interested.
Or email
Or ICQ 327667183

Roman From TubecorporateBuyer

Hello All.
Glad to announce that we are now buying pop-under traffic.

Our landing pages are absolutely not disturbing to users:

- there is no auto sound on the pages;
- no applications or other file formats that are downloaded unsolicited;
- and unlike many of the others we carefully verify all advertisements in terms of software viruses,
malware, adware or any harmful computer codes.

CPM basis only.
Adult traffic only.
Without prepay.

Roman From TubecorporateSeller

Hello all!
We have new tube site in Gay niche.
Banner and popunder available now.

Any target options: OS, Browser, GEO's, Devices, WiFi, Carrirs, F/C, etc...

Niche: Gay
Visits: 601k
Alexa global rank: 29k

ICQ: 327667183
Skype: Tubesupport

Roman From TubecorporateSeller

Hello All!
Adhesion Mobile Banner (Instant Mesasge) available on Adult Tube sites.

16.5 million impressions per day.
Top Countries:
United States
United Kingdom
Sri Lanka

Hit me up if you are interested.
ICQ: 327667183
Skype: Tubesupport

Roman From TubecorporateSeller

If you have Dating/Webcam offer (or any other niches) contact me on email or Skype

We have Dating/Webcam Tab available for your purchase!

10 Adult tube sites.

30+ million unique visitors per day

GEO's and Device target.

Hurry up guys!

​Skype: tubesupport
ICQ: 327667183​

Roman From TubecorporateSeller

We have 10+ million PopUnder per day on our adult sites. Desktop and mobile.
Any targeting:
Time Targeting
Please let me know if you are interested

ICQ: 327667183
Skype: tubesupport

Roman From TubecorporateSeller

We sell desktop popunder with our big sites
Available now:

US - 500k per day
UK - 130k per day
CA - 100k per day

Contact me for more information

Roman From TubecorporateSeller

NTV-A (Next To Video) banner available on big tube site

Alexa rank - 209
US Alexa rank - 615
DE Alexa rank - 215
FR Alexa rank - 285

13 million impressions per day.

ICQ: 327667183
Skype: Tubesupport