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Okan Atmaca's Ads
Okan AtmacaSeller

Large inventory of desktop, mobile web and in-app banner traffic. Clean js tags are accepted. Skype: okanatmaca. Feel free to register at

Okan AtmacaBuyer

Adjux is looking to monetize your website traffic via pop-unders and display banners. Feel free to signup at and add me on Skype:okanatmaca to discuss further.

Okan AtmacaSeller

Good traffic volume is available from European countries.

We also have no policy traffic for all kind of legal offers including downloads.

We can target geo, browser and devices.

Add me on Skype to setup your first campaign !

Okan AtmacaSeller

Are you looking for injection pops with keyword or domain targeting?
Add me on Skype: okanatmaca if you have demand with good coverage and bids.

Okan AtmacaSeller

Worldwide inventory on self serve. Direct advertisers are preferred. Add me on Skype: okanatmaca for more info.

Okan AtmacaSeller

- Worldwide HQ inventory
- CPM basis on self-serve for direct advertisers and openRTB for networks

Ping me on Skype: okanatmaca or register at to get started now!

Okan AtmacaSeller

We have great display inventory.
Restrictions: No adult, no malware, no redirects.
Feel free to add me on Skype: okanatmaca for further info.

Okan AtmacaSeller

Worldwide inventory is for sale. Please add me on Skype: okanatmaca to discuss further or signup at .