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Nastya G's Ads
Nastya GBuyer

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Nastya GSeller


If you haven't try the top new format - calendar ios push traffic - it's time to give it a try before all your competitors started.
It is a best performing source for Gambling, Betting, Finance vertical.

We have extreeeeemely high volume from Direct sources exclusively!

CPC base is possible.

PM live:.cid.a685fa2f74b85cf9

Nastya GSeller

27 million visits/month
90% Organic traffic on site
Do-follow link - perfect for SEO purposes

Contact @anastacig (tg) or skype - live:.cid.a685fa2f74b85cf9 for details.

Nastya GSeller

We have a variety Direct NavBar Links (dofollow) on adult tubes, blogs, rating sites etc.

The amount of possible spots in constantly rising.

Feel free to contact @anastaciag tg or live:.cid.a685fa2f74b85cf9 sk for more details.

Nastya GBuyer

Hey all

Looking for In-App traffic for any categories
RTB/XML/JSON integration is possible

All GEOs are interesting

PM in skype live:.cid.a685fa2f74b85cf9