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Ky Ake's Ads
Ky AkeBuyer

HI everyone!This is KY from Gadmobe,we have our inhouse offer about CCsubmit.I am looking for good traffic and affiliate network,skype or wechat me if you are interested about that! More details and GEos!


Ky AkeBuyer

This is KY from Gadmobe. We are the direct advertiser and looking for traffic and affiliate network.

Now we are focus on our in-house CCsubmit offers.

payment: net10 or net20 net30
minimum threshold is 500$

No prepayment.

Kindly let me know if you're interested!

My skype:live:.cid.db348c049e5f2b5c

Ky AkeBuyer

Hi guys

This is KY from Gadmobe.We have inhouse CCsubmit and CPA offers. We are looking for the traffic and affiliate network! Kindly let me know if you are interested!:)

My skype:live:.cid.db348c049e5f2b5c

Ky AkeBuyer

CCsubmit inhouse offer!Looking for good traffic and affiliate network.Add me with skype if you are interested.

Dateway_US_CPA [all device] $25.00
GetNewestPhone_US_CPA [all device] $25.00

skype me to know more!


Ky AkeBuyer

Hi guys.

we have real good inhouse CCsubmit offers.Looking for traffic and affiliate network.

Pretty payout and CR!

GEO: US Verticals: dating and sweeps

Now we are working on postpay, not prepayment.

Kingly let me know if you are interested!

My Skype:live:.cid.db348c049e5f2b5c