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We are a direct servicer in the Maryland area needing lead paint inspector leads and calls.

Please reach out to me if you are able to generate them specifically for the Maryland area.


Leads needed for Check 22 solution which blows other eCheck solutions out the water.

Prefer a rev share deal but can work out payment on other basis.

It's an check 22 solution. Merchants can get set up in 24-48 hours, get paid 10 minutes after your customer makes a purchase, no documents needed, no holds, no reserves, account never gets shut down, no minimums, no maximums, no contracts, don't need to worry about aggregated accounts ever again, don't need to collect sensitive info from the customer, great for decline ratios. Any industry is accepted except gambling, no k-10 reporting (no reporting to the IRS like what credit cards do), customer waives the right to chargeback, and no one touches the money besides the merchant. Merchants just need a US dollar account and phone number. If they don't have one than we have other solutions to get them set up.

Skype: zeejaybay



We are looking for mold inspection, mold remediation, radon inspection and lead paint inspection calls/leads from customers in Maryland with high intent to buy.

Please contact me via email if you can help

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I need help getting a Quora Partner Program account. If you have experience here please reach out to me.



Bfount - is a white label IT agency to outsource your web development, marketing, call center, customer support, consultancy, software development needs and more!

Some of our clients include AT&T, Vivint and AllState! The last of whom we've generated 4,500 calls to at an 60% conversion rate generating them $400k+ in revenue with an $10k budget!

Our services, effectiveness and reliably to help you save money and time servicing your clients is immense so contact me to get a proposal on how we can help you.

Skype: zeejaybay

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Hello everyone! Hope all is well. Can anyone recommend someone who can help grow an white labeling agency and someone who does business development? The agency is based in Indian and is doing IT, call center, web development, software development, IM and consultancy and serves clients in the UK, US, AUS, Middle East and all over.